May 22, 2020
Mihchi (All reviews)
Are you looking for anime that includes cute girls? Or maybe you are looking for anime that calms your heart? Or an anime that can make you shed a tear? If you aren't scared of shows that are childish and you answered "yes" to even one of those questions you may try Lady Jewelpet.

Lady Jewelpet belongs to the "Jewelpet" franchise but you don't have to watch any of the other shows. The story in Lady Jewelpet is mainly focused on tasks for girls who want to become ladies and relationships between characters but even though it is a bit repetitive it doesn't get boring. It is told in a continuous way without plot holes. However, there are some stupid things like a character stumbling too often (for example from a cliff) and most of the time she is getting rescued in the last possible second. The pacing is very good, not too fast not too slow, just fine. Lady Jewelpet offers many cute, funny and romantic moments that are very enjoyable. Story also offers a twist where the chosen ladies must fight dark powers to maintain peace in Jewel Land. The ending is satisfying and doesn't leave questions to the viewer. The main characters are your typical characters, that you can find in many shows. We got a cute girl, a cool girl, an elegant girl and a shy girl. But one thing makes up for these archetypes. Along with the next episodes you can see how much they change and become more mature. The main boys aren't developed as well but each one of them has unique personality too.

The art is below average. The faces sometimes look horrible and the animation isn't too smooth. Backgrounds aren't too detailed either. It may catch your attention but it's not enough to dislike the show.

The sound is fine. Sometimes it really helps the mood or the situation but sometimes you don't even remember that sound even exists in this show. Opening and ending are very cute and catchy though.

Overall I really liked the show. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it warmed and calmed my heart. If you don't mind very simple story, typical characters (at least at the beginning) and the show being very cute and childish I can definitely recommend you Lady Jewelpet.